Niagara Falls

No matter what angle you view the falls they leave you in awe. Natures fury was churning away in all it's splendor on our visit to to this incredible landmark. Fortunately we got everyones passports in time to make the trip over to the Canadian side of the falls. While it is beautiful being above and along side the falls on the American side, you can't take in the full spectacle that is Niagara Falls without also visiting Canada.

After crossing the Rainbow International Bridge (yes there was a moment half way across the bridge that our children were in two different countries), there is a scenic overlook the entire length of Niagara Parkway down to the Table Rock Visitors Center right at the edge of the falls. Mid way along this hike you end up facing straight across to the beautiful American Falls and have a great view of all the tiny people far below on the 'Maid of the Mist' boats traveling up river into the rumbling bowl just below the falls.

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to do something spectacular and we were intrigued by the Journey Behind the Falls. A short elevator trip down deep into the rock led us to a series of small tunnels cut by hand in the late 1800s. Only a brief walk down the tunnels leads out out to an observation deck at the bottom of Horseshoe Falls, and one of the best views of the magnitude of the falls. To take it a bit further you can adventure a little further under the falls down the tunnel to literally peek out under the falls from a couple of portals behind the water. This was a great mid-day relief from the unseasonably hot summer day.

As the evening approached we worked our way back around to the American side of the falls to find a nice grassy hillside for the girls to play as we waited for the nightly fireworks show. This was a great preview for the 4th of July coming up the next day. It was fantastic to enjoy fireworks as we watch the colors changing on the falls. A full day of exploring by foot gave us some very happy but wiped out little ones. Truly a trip we will never forget!

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