Crabtree Falls

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

A beautiful waterfall in Western North Carolina, great for a short day hike. The trek is a total of about 3 miles including the short hike from the visitors center parking lot to the trail head. The Crabtree Falls hike is listed as strenuous, however the only difficult part is the short but steep climb immediately following the falls. Located about 40 miles from Asheville just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. There is plenty of parking and only a short hike to the trail head.

We hit the trail just after the fall leaves had dropped and our girls really enjoyed looking at the different colored leaves and finding a variety of insects.

We always enjoy looking for interesting trees, climbing rocks, and playing in small streams.

This is a beautiful waterfall with a foot bridge near it's base providing for a great view. I wasn't sure what to expect from the photos I had seen, but this fall is truly impressive and makes a great sound as if rolls over the rocks.

The hiking trail climbs rapidly after leaving the falls but then gently winds along Big Crabtree Creek for the better part of the trek back to the park. See map later in this post to get an idea of the route. A few foot bridges cross back and forth across the creek.

The girls enjoyed a visit from their grand parents and loved sharing new discoveries with them.

As you can see the hike makes a loop and you can choose to go clockwise or counter clockwise. The benefit of the counterclockwise trip is a much more gentle second half with the exception of a short section of the hike immediately following the falls. You can see this steeper section in the map above where the switchbacks climb back to the upper section of the Big Crabtree Creek.

The total elevation change is around 480 feet. Our 4 year old completed the hike on her own and our not quite 2 year old marched along for about half of the hike, being carried the rest.

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