Blueberry picking on Bald Mountain

It wasn't the clearest day for enjoying views, but we don't believe in letting the threat of rain stop of from exploring. The Bald Mountain trailhead was only about a 15 minute drive from our campground, it was my birthday and I love to hike so why not check it out. One think about Maine is that granite is everywhere. Bald Mountain is basically a granite dome that is mostly covered by vegetation but has many areas of bare granite including a service trail up the side of the mountain.

Even with the overcast day, the scenery up close was beautiful. An unexpected surprise was that wild Maine blueberries were starting to ripen and we couldn't resist distracting our little hike with some blueberry picking and snacking. We drank up the water we took with us so that we could fill our bottles with blueberries. The temperature was amazing, the hike was wonderful, the snacks were delicious, and the company couldn't have been any better. One benefit to making the time for adventures when the opportunity presents is that we enjoyed a fresh Maine blueberry cobbler for dessert later that evening, blueberry muffins the next morning, and delicious blueberry pancakes the following day. Surely I can find a way to say blueberry just one more time. I love blueberries, so happy birthday to me!

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